E560: Brian Hoffman’s OpenBazaar.org, a decentralized marketplace to buy/sell anything online with bitcoin, is a Big Idea with Big Backers



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On today’s show is Brian Hoffman, lead developer of OpenBazaar.org, a decentralized P2P open marketplace to buy and sell anything using bitcoin. Parallels to Silk Road abound, and Jason and Brian explore these in-depth, as well as discuss how this previously-believed unfundable idea secured $1m funding from heavyweights Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, dive into the marketplace itself so we see how exactly it works, how sites like reddit and other technologies might decentralize and what that means, how Brian went from being a security consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton to creator of this radical marketplace for trading freedom online and becoming CEO at OB1, its umbrella startup — and much more. It’s a fascinating and slightly scary discussion you don’t want to miss!

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