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Brian Wong, in many ways, is like other entrepreneurs: ahead of the curve. Really far ahead. Wong graduated from college at 18, and moved from his hometown of Vancouver to the Bay Area, where he got a job at Digg. At the same time, he was getting his own forward-looking business together. Kiip (pronounced “keep”) builds rewards into mobile apps. Brands like Disney, Amazon, and Pepsi partner with Kiip, so when users complete a puzzle, or a rate a show, they gain access to discounts and other rewards. In an age when everyone’s trying to make money from mobile, Wong shares his story. Plus, what it was like trying to get with college girls as a 14 year-old freshman.

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2:56 You show up at college at age 14, what was that like?

7:10 So when did you first make out with a girl?

7:32 Do you feel like you missed out on any part of youth?

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12:50 How’d you end up at Digg?

15:36 Was that the first setback you ever had (getting laid off from Digg, losing work visa)?

20:30 So you come up with this idea. How do you make it a business?

24:40 So you have 1,000 apps (partners), and when you level up there’s a chance — not a guarantee — that they could get a coupon for something cool like candy.

26:00 How do they pay? By CPM or by moment?

26:40 What is a CPE (cost per engagement)? What’s an engagement?

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31:20 What’s the most successful reward you’ve done?

32:15 Is that the going price for an engagement, $1?

36:20 Have you thought about bringing this to X Box?

38:40 What about mega rewards (golden tickets)?

39:40 Digg was the hottest startup when you joined. Why did Digg fail?

44:30 What do you do in a CEO coaching session?

50:00 What do you think of apps where people are paid to lose weight?

55:55 What’s the roadmap for the next 5 years?

58:10 In a way, it’s a newer version of AdSense.


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