E579: Founder Bryan Johnson sold Braintree to build an extraordinary world with OS Fund and next-level synthetic biology, A.I., space tools, transportation, and more




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When Founder Bryan Johnson sold Braintree to eBay in 2013, he decided to build something extraordinary to make the world a better place. So he founded OS Fund to invest in early-stage science companies working on solutions to our planet’s biggest problems, in the fields of synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, space tools, transportation. What’s more, Bryan just created an open-source playbook for others to do the same — one that demystifies investing in science so that more needed dollars can find these important companies. Bryan and Jason have an amazing conversation that spans science discoveries, religion, ideology, investment challenges and opportunities, our greatest societal threats, the latest in life extension, what’s really going on in A.I., paying it forward, striving for peaceful co-existence, nuclear weapons, and (naturally) a sushi bet involving manned drones. Don’t miss this!

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  • Paul Towers

    The world really has to thank people like Bryan who have successfully sold their company and walked away with enough cash to put it to use in some truly life changing areas. While there obviously is a lot more that can be done to alleviate suffering now we cannot and should not forget longer term plans like the eradication of certain diseases (i.e. polio, malaria, etc) because while they may not save people today, they will save many more in the future.

    It was also interesting to hear about the open source play book and discussion on how Bryan identifies and values these companies. As Jason pointed out it is a lot different to something that is the consumer space where you often only have your gut feel (on the idea) to go on, plus the experience and knowledge of the founding team.