E577: Bryn Mooser’s RYOT.org is using VR to transform journalism and bring us a deeper, visceral understanding of the most important stories from around the world




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about this episode

Today’s guest is Bryn Mooser, Co-Founder of RYOT.org. RYOT is a breaking news site with embedded calls-to-action — and it’s now transforming journalism by using VR to tell the most powerful stories from around the world. Bryn stops by the studio with RYOT’s VR gear & camera, and Jason dons the goggles (w/an audience look-see as well) to virtually experience the bombed-out city of Aleppo Syria, post-earthquake Nepal, the Sierras and more. It’s an exciting conversation about the latest innovations in VR and why it works to create empathy, filming in war zones and areas in crisis, the importance of media calls to action, celebrity philanthropy, viewer engagement, what countries are most at-risk in the world, and much more.

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  • Paul Towers

    While this episode doesn’t appear “deep” on initial viewing/listening, what Bryn is doing is going to the change the way conflict and disaster is covered in my opinion. And that can have a dramatic impact on how we as humans view our place in the world and what we have to do to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Many people can be quick to dismiss the plights of others, whether it be through war in Syria or ongoing famine in Africa, but when you basically see it first hand through VR I think a lot more people will be compelled to act and that is a very “deep” and moving concept to consider. I for one am glad we have people like Bryn who are committed to doing this work and showing the world at its rawest.