added to Hearablog

Pablo Fernández, a Shark Tank and Ask Jason caller and Co-Founder of Hearablog has added Jason’s blog ( to it’s list of outstanding podcasts.  If you haven’t tried Hearablog I highly recommend giving them a try, the narrator does a great job.  For someone like me who is on the go but wants to keep up with blogs, Hearablog is an incredible time saver.  Below are a few of the blogs already in production.

A Smart Bear by Jason Cohen
Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood
Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky
The Daily WTF

It’s been rumored that Mark Suster’s (TWiST #25) blog “Both Sides of the Table” will be added, if you would like to see Mark’s or other blogs added to Hearablog please add them to the comments.

Not only is Pablo busy with Hearablog but if you listened to his last call he hinted at a bigger vision.  I’m not saying this is it but he just launched an interest page at Glycast.  I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what develops.

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