Cana CEO Matt Mahar on launching a “Replicator for beverages,” turning a product into a platform, working with The Production Board, and more | E1399



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0:00 Jason and Molly tee up today’s topics: a deep dive on the just-launched Cana product!
1:30 Molly and Jason break down Molly’s site visit to the Cana facility and the taste tests
8:36 Bubble
9:57 Cana’s starting price point, cartridges, cost per drink, and more
19:34 Masterworks
21:06 Molly’s intros Cana CEO Matt Mahar, and they talk about the origins of the product, impact of the bottling industry, how the product works mechanically
31:39 Superside
32:53 Understanding non-obvious climate solutions, Cana product breakdown and pricing
40:03 Cana as a creator platform, big picture vision of what is possible
54:09 Cana’s economic impact on the bottling industry, Matt’s background, working with TPB

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