E570: Carrie Southworth, Co-Founder of Twigtale, created a platform for personalized children’s books, bringing kids joy & helping them through transitions




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Today’s guest, Carrie Southworth, is the Cofounder of Twigtale, a platform to create personalized children’s books to help them through transitions (i.e., going to a new school, moving to a new home, new siblings, etc.). Jason and Carrie discuss how her having children inspired this idea, the brain science behind why stories are so effective in connecting with children, how experts have been recommending this teaching method forever but no one had modernized it until Twigtale, how the product is incredibly easy to use from desktop or the app, what it was like participating in the Disney accelerator (leading to a partnership with Disney), how Twigtale is trying to help parents raise integrated adults, how they raised a $1m SEED round from Larry Page, Ivanka Trump, and others, how they’ve employed only word-of-mouth marketing up to this point (which will change soon!), Carrie’s experiences acting in “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer” and “General Hospital” earlier in her career — and much more!

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  • Paul Towers

    As any parent would know this is a great idea. While my two kids haven’t yet had to deal with any change (only 4 months and 18mths old) I can certainly see books like this being a tremendous help in the future. Hopefully by the time that happens Twigtale offer shipping to Australia :-).

    In addition to the fact that the books/story is vetted by industry experts in each domain I think the strongest aspect of this company and their marketing campaign is that they can leverage “word of mouth marketing” better than many other products/services.

    All it takes is one mum/dad to help their child overcome an issue/fear/insecurity and they will tell every other parent they know.