Catch TWiST with special guest, James Segil

This week’s guest will be James Segil, President and Co-founder of Edgecast, a next generation content delivery network.  Prior to his work at Edgecast, James started his career at Mattel and was the first ever company sponsored MBA student and was responsible for 150 million in sales under the Hot Wheels brand.  He then moved on to Virtualis Systems (now, a CRM software company) as the COO  and helped lead the merger / integration into Allegiance.

His next endeavor was KnowledgeBase Solutions, where he was President and Founder, which was acquired by Talisma.  This leads us to his present day position as President and Co-founder of EdgeCast.  He brings to the interview an extensive background in startups and formal education having earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

When: Feb. 12th: 1pm (Pacific), 4pm (Eastern), 9pm (London), 8am (Sydney, Feb. 13th)

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