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Spotify x Barcelona, ex-Disney CEO joins Genies, AMC gold mine + D.A. Wallach: music and bio-investing | Angel S6 E10 | E1410

We wrap up Angel Season 6 on First Time Funds with Pharrell Williams-signed rocker turned investor D.A. Wallach of TimeBio Ventures (32:23).
But first, we do 4 rapid-fire news topics: Spotify spent ~$307M on FC Barcelona naming rights (2:56), AMC acquired a 22% stake in gold miner (10:29), Ex-Disney CEO Bob Iger joins the NFT avatar company Genies’ Board (16:14) and we break down the anatomy of two alleged NFT grifts (22:35).

$RIVN, Biden on TikTok & Crypto, $PTON + Countdown Capital’s Jai Malik + Josh from Party Round | E1406

It’s a variety show. First Jason and Molly do six rapid fire news topics (2:10) including: Rivian’s lowered guidance, Biden briefing TikTok influencers on Ukraine, declining NFT volume, creator economy wins, Biden’s Crypto executive order and Peloton’s new pricing pilot. Then, hard-tech investor Jai Malik of Countdown Capital joins (42:22) for Angel Season 6 “First Time Funds.” Finally, producer Rachel has another edition of OK Boomer, this time she talks viral marketing and new ways of fundraising with Josh from Party Round (1:18:42).

Google ends WFH, $SNOW earnings + Stillmark’s Alyse Killeen Angel S6 E7 + Pallet CEO Kai Han | E1400

First Jason and Molly cover Google is bringing employees back to the office three times per week starting in early April (1:41), Snowflake dropping 15% after reporting strong earnings, Slack’s slowing growth within Salesforce. After the news, Molly sits down with Alyse Killeen of Stillmark to continue Season 6 of Angel: First-time funds (38:10). We wrap with Producer Rachel’s interview with Kai Han of Pallet, which is building a platform for creators to curate job boards (1:11:50).

Critical cyber attacks of the last decade + How Jason Calacanis grew the Launch Fund: Angel S6 E7 | E1393

Molly interviews Jason about raising “LAUNCH Fund I.” This season of Angel is focused on the nitty-gritty details of raising and running a first-time fund (22:47). Jason shares everything from getting his first check to his biggest mistakes. But first, we discuss the biggest cybersecurity hacks of the last decade and potential risks going forward (1:32).

From PM to GP: Roach Capital’s Fahd Ananta | Angel S6 E6 + OK Boomer: Dive Chat | E1390

Angel Season 6 is all about first-time fund managers. Fahd Ananta of Roach Capital joined to discuss his path from founder to PM to VC (04:07). You will learn:
1. How Fahd got Angel investing at Shopify
2. How Fahd made the transition from Angel investing to raising a fund
3. How geography can be used as a differentiator
4. The way he used his product skill to get on competitive cap tables

Then in our OK Boomer segment, Producer Rachel talks to John Herrick, the CTO of Dive Chat, a new messaging and event app (34:09).

Peloton’s new CEO + Cake Ventures’ Monique Woodard Angel S6 E5 | E1383

In the opening news segment, Molly and Jason break down the news around Peloton’s new CEO, Barry McCarthy, including the open letter he sent to the company, his background and principles for success (2:05).

Then, Monique Woodard of Cake Ventures joins for Episode 5 of Season 6 of Angel (32:50). Monique was a founder, startup community leader, VC scout, and VC partner before raising her first fund.

In this episode you will learn:

1. Her thesis on investing in demographic change

2. What fundraising is like as a founder vs. fundraising as an aspiring fund manager

3. Why she chose to have multiple closes for her fund

4. Why Monique focused her efforts on institutional LPs, even though they take longer to close than individual LPs

5. What it takes to operate as a solo GP

Full $FB earnings breakdown, NFT company violates music IP + Behind Genius’ Paige Finn: Angel S6 E4 | E1377

In the opening news segment, Molly and Jason break down the numbers behind Facebook’s colossal drop in market cap (2:42). Then, they cover a company that seems to be violating music copyrights to sell NFTS (38:14).

Then, Paige Finn of Behind Genius joins for Episode 4 of Season 6 of Angel (49:45). Paige became interested in venture capital during college, but within a year and a half of graduating in 2020 she already has a fund!

In this episode you will learn:

1. How she secured her first allocation before having a fund

2. The steps she took to set up an SPV while being a non-accredited investor

3. How she raised a $1.6m fund

4. Behind Genius’ investing thesis and strategy

5. The books that have most influenced her work and writing style

6. Why she wrote a picture book (for adults) called “Seed to Harvest: A Simple Explanation of Venture Capital”

Packy McCormick’s Not Boring parlay: Angel S6 E3 + Producer Rachel visits Miami Hack Week | E1372

Today’s guest is Packy McCormick of Not Boring, for Episode 3 of Season 6 of Angel. Packy turned his massive newsletter into a Not Boring Fund I in 2021, and has since invested $10M into startups. In this episode you will learn:

1. How Packy raised his first fund from his readers. 

2. What regulations he needed to navigate to comply with the SEC. 

3. Which sectors he invested his first $10M into (in just 6 months) and some of his breakout startups. 

4. Why IRR can be hilariously large in the early stages of a small fund.

5. How he manages a syndicate and a venture fund while still doing right by LPs. 

As Packy signs off we check in with Producer Rachel who went down to Miami Hack Week and spoke to one of the organizers of Tap House.

FTC antitrust revision, 5G rollout pause + David Rosenthal’s $2.8M fund: Angel S6 E2 | E1364

First Jason and Molly cover how 5G rollouts are causing problems with airlines (2:03) and Lina Khan’s remarks on reworking antitrust regulation to not only consider deals inflicting consumer harm, but those lessening competition (10:10).

Then, David Rosenthal for Season 6 Episode 2 of Angel (29:00)

– David’s been a VC for a while, but he just launched a new $2.8M fund part-time with Nat Manning
– We get into why his small fund size is actually so significant and represents new possibilities in venture
– How he uses his podcast and community to get dealflow
– What he thinks you need before starting your own VC fund