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Bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network with Strike’s Jack Mallers | E1462

First we cover the news of Ex-Meta crypto chief David Marcus launching a Bitcoin payments startup backed by a16z & Paradigm (02:05). Then, Jack Mallers, the CEO of Strike joins (8:13) to discuss the lightning network & the history of payment networks (12:10), why companies use the Strike API (24:42), why he thinks Visa and Mastercard can’t compete (31:24), Strike unlocking Bitcoin’s potential (34:40) and more!

Twitter’s takeover defense, Meta’s AR project with The Verge’s Alex Heath + Wordcab’s Aleks Smechov + OK Boomer: Rachel Cantor | E1436

Friday variety show! First, The Verge’s Alex Heath joins to talk about two big stories he recently broke (2:32): Facebook’s plans for AR glasses and Twitter’s internal reaction to Elon’s takeover bid (38:04). Molly sits down with LAUNCH Accelerator founder Aleks Smechov whose company Wordcab specifically focuses on speech-to-text AI summaries (1:04:54). We wrap with an edition of OK Boomer where Producer Rachel talks to writer and marketer Rachel Cantor(1:18:51)!

Meta’s 47.5% take rate + Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania: onboarding the globe to crypto | E1434

First, we cover Meta’s announcement that they will be taking 47.5% creator fees on their Horizons platform (2:17) and A16Z’s Crypto lead Chris Dixon ranking number one on the Forbes Midas List. Then, Jason and Molly chat with Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania to talk about the crypto project he launched with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (11:08). Worldcoin is scanning people’s irises with custom-made hardware and aspires to reach over 1 billion people (23:21). Alex addresses privacy concerns, scaling challenges (32:45) and more.

Macro insights with Rose Technology CEO Alex Campbell + TCG Crypto’s Gaby Goldberg | E1430

First, Jason chats with Alex Campbell of Rose Technology, a data analytics tool and marketplace that helps organizations more clearly understand macro trends (1:28). Alex is a former trader for Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates and shares some incredible insights on the global macro environment across Chinese real estate (10:45), investment rates, Bitcoin, Tether, historical financial crises (43:36) and more. Then, for another edition of “OK Boomer,” Producer Rachel Chats with Gaby Goldberg (1:08:45) from TCG’s Crypto investment arm. They talk about resources to get started in crypto (1:28:52) and why Gaby invests at the intersection of consumer and crypto.

Charts referenced by Alex:

Portfolio construction, Sequoia’s transition & Fast with Acquired.FM + The Dropout: This Week in Streaming with Lon Harris | E1429

First, Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal from Acquired join Jason to talk portfolio construction (13:41), Roelof Botha succeeding Doug Leone at Sequoia (30:58), and to debate the takeaway from Fast’s demise (52:22). Then Lon Harris from Inside Streaming joins to discuss the final two episodes of The Dropout (1:24:16)!

Uber travel, OpenAI illustrator, Edit button, CNN+ review + Dune Analytics CEO Fredrik Haga | E1428

We kick off our crypto series with Dune Analytics CEO and Founder Frederik Haga about crypto on-chain analytics (37:23). But first, Jason covers Uber’s piloting long-distance travel bookings in the UK (01:44), Twitter’s edit button announcement (07:34), Open AI’s new Dall-E 2 product (15:34), and does a quick CNN Plus review (26:30)!

FB vs. Apple on AR and Ads, Twitter’s Future, Conflict, Crypto Regulation with Antonio Garcia Martinez & Zach Coelius | E1427

Antonio Garcia Martinez (Chaos Monkeys, The Pull Request) and Zach Coelius (Investor, Coelius Capital) join to discuss a wide range of news topics including Antonio’s trip to Ukraine, the one-click checkout company Fast closing down, Elon Musk joining Twitter’s board, Apple taking on Facebook in ads (and how it will impact the battle for AR/VR), crypto regulation and more!