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Sequoia’s new structure, $HOOD and $TWTR earnings + Bolt’s Ryan Breslow: 4-day work week | E1313

First, Jason covers Sequoia’s VC-redefining transition to an evergreen fund (1:54). He continues Q3 earnings coverage with Robinhood (13:38) and Twitter (21:10). Then, Ryan Breslow from Bolt joins to discuss transitioning to a 4-day work week, open-sourcing their company handbook and running a startup effectively (28:07).

Reacting to Tether’s CNBC interview, Netflix earnings + Vincent’s Slava Rubin on alt assets | E1250

In the news segment, Jason reacts to the Tether CTO & General Counsel’s interview on CNBC (2:22) and digs in to Netflix’s latest earnings report (37:35).
Then, Vincent founder Slava Rubin joins to discuss all things alternative assets (44:26), his work founding Indiegogo, Launch’s investment, trading cards (1:17:19) & more.

Emergency Pod! Huge Bitcoin correction, Robinhood IPO rumors, Squarespace direct listing | E1219

Emergency pod! Bitcoin sees a major correction due to China’s crack down (1:46). What are the chances it could it go to zero, and could China banning crypto be a blessing in disguise? Robinhood is rumored to be going public next month (14:14), what will their market cap be at IPO? Plus Squarespace goes public via direct listing (26:10)!

Altimeter’s Brad Gerstner on taking Grab public in largest SPAC ever, fixing broken IPOs | E1203

Crossover technology investor Brad Gerstner discussed Altimeter Capital taking Grab public in the largest SPAC ever (38:55), why the IPO process is broken and how to fix it (12:55), and the responsibility of people with platforms to encourage responsible retail investing (22:12). As well as, how $2000 for every American invested in the public markets at birth would display the power of capitalism to improve lives (50:50) and more!

Emergency Pod! SPAC Overload: Understanding 2021’s unprecedented SPAC market | E1193

Check out Jason’s SPAC Deck:


Show notes:

0:00 Jason intros today’s Epod: SPAC Overload!

1:29 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at

2:55 Current state of SPACs – how did we get here & how do SPACs work?

9:12 Comparing SPACs, IPOs & Direct Listings

13:19 SPAC renaissance starting in 2020, comparison vs. S&P 500, understanding the recent pullback

16:59 Top SPACS by market cap, revenue, speculation & top active & upcoming SPACs

26:22 Wrap up!

Joanne Wilson on spotting a bubble, NYC’s post-pandemic reset, portfolio management in an unsustainable market & more | Angel S5 E10

Blogger, businesswoman, angel investor and Gotham Gal Joanne Wilson joins Angel to catch up with Jason. They discuss portfolio management in a peak market, spotting a bubble, funding underestimated founders and more! Check out the full pod notes here:

Harlem Capital’s Henri Pierre-Jacques on funding underrepresented founders, insights from raising first fund & getting Apple as an LP, Black culture’s impact on social apps | E1183

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Keith Rabois on Miami vs. Bay Area, cognitive variety, America’s self-examination & more PLUS Keith’s Best Twitter Dunks | E1182

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