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Twitter’s takeover defense, Meta’s AR project with The Verge’s Alex Heath + Wordcab’s Aleks Smechov + OK Boomer: Rachel Cantor | E1436

Friday variety show! First, The Verge’s Alex Heath joins to talk about two big stories he recently broke (2:32): Facebook’s plans for AR glasses and Twitter’s internal reaction to Elon’s takeover bid (38:04). Molly sits down with LAUNCH Accelerator founder Aleks Smechov whose company Wordcab specifically focuses on speech-to-text AI summaries (1:04:54). We wrap with an edition of OK Boomer where Producer Rachel talks to writer and marketer Rachel Cantor(1:18:51)!

$RBLX earnings, Jetson ONE personal aircraft + Oculus game dev Ryan Engle, creator of Pro Putt | E1322

First Jason covers Roblox earnings, the platform’s total usage is up 28% year over year (2:19)! In a new segment, “We Live in the Future,” Jason shares Jetson One, a personal E-VTOL (11:16). Then, Ryan Engle of Golf+ joins to talk about the VR golf game his team developed for Oculus (23:08), Meta’s lead in VR hardware (51:29) and more.

Oura CEO Harpreet Rai on improving sleep, NBA partnerships, hardware & more PLUS the Instagram Kids debacle | E1213

Jason gives his take on Facebook’s Instagram Kids initiative (0:53), then, Ōura’s CEO Harpreet Rai discusses how sleep & recovery scores are calculated (25:09), how Oura works with the NBA & enterprise to keep organizations healthy (50:49), and more! Pod Notes:

E1123: Emergency Pod! Jason reacts to the iPhone 12 fail & Apple jumping the shark; theories on the lack of innovation: is something big in the works or has Apple lost its magic?

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E1118: Emergency Pod! Two former Apple executives are building the iPhone killer – breaking down the leaks, patents & scoops regarding Humane’s product

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E594: Future of the Smartwatch with Pebble Founder & CEO Eric Migicovsky; the Futures of Transportation & On-Demand at LAUNCH Mobile Wearables & IoT

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E528: Pebble smashes Kickstarter record for the 2nd time as Founder/CEO Eric Migicovsky goes back to fans and comes up $20m

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E461: Not just a stylish wearable, the Basis watch tracks, analyzes & improves your health

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E392: Pebble & Misfit Wearables: redefining smart sensors

watch listen share FacebookTwitteremail comment about this episode Among the many companies at LAUNCH Mobile & Wearables, Pebble and Misfit Wearables are pushing the wearables market to new places. Pebble took the possibilities of crowdfunding to new extremes, raising $10m on Kickstarter. Cofounder and CEO Eric Migicovsky shows us the new features and possibilities, as [...]