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Airbnb’s category search, Coinbase’s new disclosure + Facebook exits podcasting with Ashley Carman | E1457

First Jason and Molly open by digging into some details for the All-In Summit (02:12). Then they discuss Airbnb’s search options (08:13), Airbnb’s new aircover insurance feature (21:34) and Coinbase’s disclosure that account funds aren’t safe in a Coinbase bankruptcy (35:04). Then, Molly is joined by Ashley Carman to talk about Facebook dropping podcasts (54:46).

Terra UST stablecoin unpegged with Bennett Tomlin + High growth tech’s runway: $COIN, $SQ, $ZM, $TWLO, $SHOP & $PTON | E1456

First, crypto reporter Bennett Tomlin joins to break down the the massive decline of algorithmic stablecoin Terra USD (UST) and how the Terra-Luna ecosystem works (09:00). Then we recap five tech stocks that are down at least 70% off mid-COVID peaks Coinbase, Shopify, Twilio, Zoom and Block (44:44). We briefly touch of Elon’s comments about reducing permanent bans on Twitter (1:05:48). Wrap with Peloton’s painful earnings (1:22:53).

Dara sets the tone for Uber’s next push, Jason’s market prediction, Apple’s ML director departs, Internet affordability & more | E1455

First, we discuss Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s company-wide email rallying Uber behind a cash-generating vision to court investors (6:30). Then, we cover Apple’s machine learning director departing because of the company’s work from home policies (43:22) and the White House’s negotiation with ISPs for low-cost high-speed internet to pair with the Affordable Connectivity Program (57:00).

Archegos founder arrested, Bolt sued by Authentic Brands, $GOOG & $MSFT earnings, Apple sells repair parts, EV Corvette | E1445

All news. First we break down the SEC’s allegations from one of the craziest financial stories since Bernie Madoff, Archegos Capital (4:20). Then cover: Bolt being sued by its largest customer (28:47), Google and Microsoft’s Q1 2022 earnings for the first quarter (42:45) and Apple selling iPhone spare parts and repair tools (1:02:10). We wrap with GM’s EV corvette announcement (1:07:20).

Jack’s candid Twitter takes, FB invests in African internet, Regent’s electric Seaglider, layoffs | E1438

First, Jack is getting candid about Twitter’s board dysfunction (2:14). Then, we cover Facebook’s internet infrastructure development projects in Africa (24:31) and’s new round of layoffs (33:53). Our startup of the day is Regent, which is making a regional seaplane (46:51). We wrap with a discussion of Zendesk considering a sale (1:01:34) and Telsa’s third act (1:04:57).

Q1 venture capital review, Twitter breaks, BeReal’s new take on social & more | E1437

All-news show. First, we go over PitchBook’s Q1 Venture Monitor report where VC fundraising is high, but portfolio exits are down (3:08). Then, we discuss how the incoming CNN CEO Chris Licht and Chris Sacca are both taking a Twitter break (33:35), and touch on Alex Jones’ InfoWars filing for bankruptcy (44:33). Our startup of the day is new social app BeReal (53:55).

Twitter’s takeover defense, Meta’s AR project with The Verge’s Alex Heath + Wordcab’s Aleks Smechov + OK Boomer: Rachel Cantor | E1436

Friday variety show! First, The Verge’s Alex Heath joins to talk about two big stories he recently broke (2:32): Facebook’s plans for AR glasses and Twitter’s internal reaction to Elon’s takeover bid (38:04). Molly sits down with LAUNCH Accelerator founder Aleks Smechov whose company Wordcab specifically focuses on speech-to-text AI summaries (1:04:54). We wrap with an edition of OK Boomer where Producer Rachel talks to writer and marketer Rachel Cantor(1:18:51)!

Shopify Board proposes share restructuring + The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson, Why American Teens Are So Sad | E1433

First we discuss Shopify planning 10-to-1 stock split & increasing CEO/Founder Tobi Luke’s control from 34% to 40% (1:42). Then, the Atlantic’s Derek Thompson joins to discuss his piece “Why American Teens Are So Sad” (25:59), including the impacts of new-parenting styles (33:38), social media (44:10) and infinite news.