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Armstrong & Tether skip crypto hearings, Adele’s NFT resale solution + Startup Checklist E10 | E1342

First, Jason covers the recent crypto hearings (1:25), then offers a brief potential NFT solution for Adele’s ticket scalper problem (16:06). After the news, Jason closes out the 100-point Startup Checklist with ten tips for founders including, lean management (23:19), constant product engagement (43:51), monthly updates (46:30) and more!

Twitter bans sharing “private media” + Startup Checklist: How to raise capital | E1336

First, Jason covers Twitter’s confusing major new privacy policy revision (1:54), reacts to a 1995 clip of Bill Gates talking about the internet on Letterman (12:36). Then, in episode 9 of the Startup Checklist, Jason explains how to raise capital from venture investors (16:47). This includes: finding investors and evaluating if they are the right fit (29:35), nailing cold emails (35:33), pitching your startup, sending investor (47:42) updates and more.

Media employees battling “back to work” orders + Startup Checklist E4: Building a Great Product | E1314

First, Jason reacts Conde Nast’s union refusing to return to the office on November 1 and takes stock of the big tech WFH policy landscape (1:34). We continue the show with episode four of the Startup Checklist, where Jason covers “Building a Great Product” in points 31-40 (13:54).

Inflation warnings and hedge strategy, Bitcoin ETF, Hindenburg’s Tether bounty + Startup Checklist E3 | E1309

First, Jason reacts to CNBC’s Paul Tudor Jones interview, where PTJ warned about inflation and called Bitcoin (and crypto) a better hedge than gold (2:10). Then, Jason covers the new Bitcoin ETF and Hindenburg putting a bounty out for information on Tether (21:34). We wrap with episode three of the Startup Checklist, where Jason covers “Finding and Delighting Customers” in points 21-30 (34:41).