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Zoom’s revenue tops $1B, valuation falls + Startup Checklist: how to prepare for fundraising | E1333

First Jason covers Zoom’s Q3 earnings and reflects on broader tech valuations (01:53). Then, Jason does a Startup Checklist episode on how to get your startup ready for an investment (16:10). The episode covers the basics like making sure you have the right structure (18:06), the ways you can fundraise (39:33) and more.

Nikola Motors update, El Salvador launches $1B bond to build “Bitcoin City” on a volcano | E1331

Full news show today! First, a quick update on Nikola and Trevor Milton’s situation (1:35). Then, Jason reacts to a video of Jordan Peterson getting “orange-pilled” (23:10) and the announcement of El Salvador’s Bitcoin City (31:51). To wrap up the show, we do another “We Live in the Future” segment about a speeder hover-bike by Japan’s A.L.I. Technologies (46:46).

A DAO bids $40M on the Constitution, Startup Checklist: Operational best practices, Gen Z VCs | E1330

First, Jason covers ConstitutionDAO attempt to buy one of the remaining 13 copies of the constitution at Sotheby’s (01:56). Then, he does 10 points from the Startup Checklist on operational excellence (34:54). To close out the show, Producer Rachel speaks with Meagan Loyst, a VC at Lerer Hippeau who leads a group called Gen Z VCs (01:04:00).

Why Sam Lessin is using the VC model to invest in individuals + Jason funds a startup on air | E1238

First, Sam Lessin of Slow Ventures joins to discuss how he is applying the venture model to invest in individuals, he just placed a $1.7M bet on a YouTube creator (4:10). Then, Jason brings on Chris Niblett, who is going through Founder University (41:40). They discuss Chris’s company Bizzly, which is a “Patreon for small businesses,” what can be improved, and Jason invests live on the show!

Ohio sues FB + Bradley Tusk “The Fixer,” Uber, startups navigating politics, mobile voting | E1327

First, Jason covers the Ohio Attorney General suing Meta (2:05). Then, Tusk Venture’s Bradley Tusk joins to discuss the strategy he developed to help Uber overcome cities trying to ban it (17:43), what actually motivates politicians (23:02), mobile voting (31:07) the advice he would give Mark Zuckerberg (48:28) and more!

The greatest CNBC hit of all time, YouTube hides dislikes + Ready Games CEO David Bennahum | E1325

First up, Jason showcases what he calls the greatest CNBC hit of all time (01:46). Then he covers YouTube hiding the downvote counter (18:49). In the interview segment, Ready Games CEO David Bennahum about his new fashion Icon NFT marketplace game (27:31) and the transition from walled gardens to open source. We wrap with another edition of “OK Boomer” (01:07:00) where Rachel is reporting on Emily Herrera, a 22 year old who started her own Angel syndicate while still in college (01:20:24).