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Sunday VC School: valuation vs. traction matrix + Climate: New Energy Nexus CEO Danny Kennedy | E1356

Welcome to our new Sunday show. Each episode will have two segments, Sunday VC School and Climate startups. First, Jason and Molly discuss early-stage investing including, Jason’s valuation vs. traction matrix (1:44) and developing a BS detector (23:03). Then Jason introduces Molly’s new climate segment (27:15) and then Molly interviews New Energy Nexus CEO Danny Kennedy (33:38). They discuss what Danny looks for in clean energy investments(37:03) and more!

Valuation vs. Traction Matrix:

Kazakh Bitcoin mining outage, Synthetic actors, Memes + Ben Awad: Gen Z Programming Mentor | E1355

Jason and Molly cover how 15% of the world’s bitcoin mining network went down when Kazakhstan’s internet was shut off (3:11) and Chainalysis’ scam report (12:32). Then they do a “We Live in the Future” segment about AI created actors (16:49) and “Memes of the Week” review of Marc Andreessen’s tweets (25:32). Finally, Producer Rachel wraps with an “OK Boomer” interview with YouTube creator and software engineer Ben Awad (38:43).

GETTR & social media moderation, NYT to acquire The Athletic + Axie Infinity’s Jeff Zirlin on NFT gaming | E1354

First, Jason and Molly cover how the Twitter competitor GETTR got 700K+ downloads this week (2:25) and discuss the challenges of moderating a social media platform (15:54). Then, they quickly cover how the NYT is reportedly buying the Athletic for $550M (21:13). To wrap, we have an interview with Jiho Zirlin from Axie Infinity, the multi-billion dollar NFT game (32:15). They talk about how “play to earn” games actually work (40:11), balancing an in-game economy (53:33), renting Axies and how “guilds” work (58:05), digital land (1:03:42) and more!

OpenSea raises $300M, VW & Toyota commit $170B to EVs, China’s strangled tech sector, New media | E1353

In this all news show, Jason and Molly cover Toyota & Volkswagen committing a combined $170B to take on Tesla’s EV dominance (2:30), NFT platform OpenSea raising a $300M Series C at a $13.3B valuation (20:08), China’s tight grip on tech causing job loss and accelerating company closure (44:50), and how Ben Smith from the NYT is teaming up with Bloomberg Media’s CEO to launch a new media company (56:52).

How JOKR lost $159 per order, rising startup valuations, OpenSea freezes stolen NFTs, Web 2 CEOs troll Web 3 | E1351

Jason and Molly cover how QuickCommerce startup JOKR lost $159 per order in the US in August (1:54), the state of startup valuations (25:57), Jason’s case of COVID & the state of testing (32:00), OpenSea freezing over $2M worth of stolen NFTs (52:28) and they wrap with quick recap of the latest chapter of Web 3 Twitter beef featuring AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky and Box Founder Aaron Levie (58:24).

The 2021 TWISTY Awards: best guest, most awkward moment, best chemistry & more! | E1350

Jason hosts “The 2021 TWISTY Awards” where we give out 10 awards for top podcast moments from this year including: the most surprisingly awesome guest (02:17), best chemistry (04:48), best live moment (23:43), most awkward moment (28:51), funniest moment (36:51), best guest (45:19) and more! At the end he has a short “after-party” discussion with producers (50:58). Thank you for listening, this is our last planned episode of 2021.