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Elon offers to take $TWTR private at $43B + Autonomous car drives away from police | E1435

All news show. First, Jason and Molly debrief after their Worldcoin interview (2:37). Next, they discuss Elon Musk’s take-private offer for Twitter at $43B (08:50), the highlights from Elon’s TED interview (15:33), and more (24:53). In a We Live in the Future segment, we react to a viral video of police pulling over a self-driving Cruise car (58:38).

Meta’s 47.5% take rate + Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania: onboarding the globe to crypto | E1434

First, we cover Meta’s announcement that they will be taking 47.5% creator fees on their Horizons platform (2:17) and A16Z’s Crypto lead Chris Dixon ranking number one on the Forbes Midas List. Then, Jason and Molly chat with Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania to talk about the crypto project he launched with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (11:08). Worldcoin is scanning people’s irises with custom-made hardware and aspires to reach over 1 billion people (23:21). Alex addresses privacy concerns, scaling challenges (32:45) and more.

Shopify Board proposes share restructuring + The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson, Why American Teens Are So Sad | E1433

First we discuss Shopify planning 10-to-1 stock split & increasing CEO/Founder Tobi Luke’s control from 34% to 40% (1:42). Then, the Atlantic’s Derek Thompson joins to discuss his piece “Why American Teens Are So Sad” (25:59), including the impacts of new-parenting styles (33:38), social media (44:10) and infinite news.

Elon no longer joining $TWTR board, Breslow’s Instacart case-study, NYT tells reporters to reduce time on Twitter | E1432

All news show. First, we discuss Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announcing that Elon has reversed his decision to join Twitter’s board (04:10) and the NYT’s Editor telling reporters to stop tweeting so much in an internal memo (31:29). Then, we discuss Ryan Breslow’s latest series of threads, including one claiming that Instacart’s CEO was shadow-fired by Sequoia (44:35).

Macro insights with Rose Technology CEO Alex Campbell + TCG Crypto’s Gaby Goldberg | E1430

First, Jason chats with Alex Campbell of Rose Technology, a data analytics tool and marketplace that helps organizations more clearly understand macro trends (1:28). Alex is a former trader for Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates and shares some incredible insights on the global macro environment across Chinese real estate (10:45), investment rates, Bitcoin, Tether, historical financial crises (43:36) and more. Then, for another edition of “OK Boomer,” Producer Rachel Chats with Gaby Goldberg (1:08:45) from TCG’s Crypto investment arm. They talk about resources to get started in crypto (1:28:52) and why Gaby invests at the intersection of consumer and crypto.

Charts referenced by Alex:

GoPuff & Fast trimming staff + Bradley Tusk on tech regulation + Glimpse Co-founder Akash Raju | E1424

First Jason and Molly discuss instant delivery company GoPuff and 1-click checkout company Fast making layoffs (2:22). Then, Bradley Tusk of Tusk Ventures joins to discuss Uber’s Taxi strategy in NYC, sports betting and tech regulation (40:06). Then in our Ok Boomer segment Rachel talks to Akash Raju, co-founder of Glimpse, brands pay Glimpse a subscription fee for the products to be featured in short-term rentals (1:36:47).

Understanding non-dilutive fundraising options + Continuum Ag Founder Mitchell Hora | E1419

Sunday Double-header! First, in VC Sunday School, Jason explains non-dilutive funding’s impact on startups (2:18). Then, Molly interviews Continuum Ag Founder Mitchell Hora. His company helps farmers analyze their soil and create a roadmap to improve it via a holistic approach known as regenerative agriculture (21:33).

Teenage hacking phenom allegedly caught, Molly’s Hall of Fame induction & OK Boomer | E1418

Another Friday variety show! First up, Jason and Molly break down the 16-year old hacking phenom who was allegedly behind the recent hacks at Microsoft, Nvidia and Okta, and might have just been caught (1:13). Then, the duo covers Molly’s induction into LIBSYN’s Podcasting Hall of Fame (6:46) and reminisces on the early days of podcasting including their first podcast together over 16 years ago (11:19). Finally, Producer Rachel is back with another edition of OK Boomer, this time with Miami Hack Week founder Ja’dan Johnson (20:19).