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The 2021 TWISTY Awards: best guest, most awkward moment, best chemistry & more! | E1350

Jason hosts “The 2021 TWISTY Awards” where we give out 10 awards for top podcast moments from this year including: the most surprisingly awesome guest (02:17), best chemistry (04:48), best live moment (23:43), most awkward moment (28:51), funniest moment (36:51), best guest (45:19) and more! At the end he has a short “after-party” discussion with producers (50:58). Thank you for listening, this is our last planned episode of 2021.

mRNA cancer treatment, Google’s vax policy, CEO “taking time off” + Founder roundtable: PaidBack, Wearwell, SupporTrends | E1346

First Jason covers the Mayo clinic’s promising new signs for mRNA cancer treatment (02:02), Google’s firm vaccine policy (07:41) and the CEO stepping away after last week’s meltdown (16:39). Then, Jason brings on three founders he has invested in and chats with them about their company: SupporTrends co-founder Oliver Rowen on customer insights (25:23), Wearwell co-founder and CEO Erin Houston on sustainable fashion (37:11), and PaidBack co-founder Amber Masters on budgeting and paying off debt (50:15).

What Elizabeth Holmes’s prosecution missed, Nike buys NFT studio, Tether, the power of equity, ISS tourism | E1345

All news show! First Jason gives an Elizabeth Holmes trial update and reveals the key point the prosecution missed (2:12). Then he covers, Nike acquires an NFT company (14:17), $USDT becoming an official currency of a shadow government in Myanmar (31:55), how “The Hangover” director Todd Phillips made $150M on the trilogy (36:58) and the Japanese billionaire who delivered UberEats to the international space station (44:55).

Is Peloton undervalued? + Rad Power Bikes CEO Mike Radenbaugh + Succession recap, All-in | E1344

First, Jason breaks down the math of why Peloton might be undervalued (3:23). Then, the founder and CEO Rad Power Bikes Mike Radenbaugh joins to discuss building a massive ebike company (15:36), the most innovative features, ebike regulation and cites. Then, *spoiler alert* Jason gives his top takeaways from the Succession season three finale recap (01:05:58) and Producer Nick pitches a storyline to work Jason into season four. At the end of the show Jason and Nick discuss the strategy and behind the scenes of producing All-in (01:32:20).

Guess the fake startup + Founders of Jenni.AI, Wearloom, Track, Llama Life + How to hire Gen Z | E1343

First, Jason plays “Guess the Fake Startup” (1:30). Then, Jason interviews four founders he invested in (12:50):
David Park from about computer copywriting assistants (18:08), Samuel Spitz from Wearloom on aggregating the resale marketplace shopping experience (28:11), Sudhama Bhatia from Track about his premium calendar client (40:35) and Marie Ng from Llama Life on building a time-based productivity tool (51:05). To wrap up the show, we have an “OK Boomer” segment where Producer Rachel talks with Gen Z marketer Erifili Gounari (01:13:25)

Armstrong & Tether skip crypto hearings, Adele’s NFT resale solution + Startup Checklist E10 | E1342

First, Jason covers the recent crypto hearings (1:25), then offers a brief potential NFT solution for Adele’s ticket scalper problem (16:06). After the news, Jason closes out the 100-point Startup Checklist with ten tips for founders including, lean management (23:19), constant product engagement (43:51), monthly updates (46:30) and more!