China cracks down on US IPOs, winning founder qualities, Ask Jason: accelerators, investing | E1244



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00:00 Start
01:47 Chinese Crackdown on Public Companies
12:30 Notion – Get $250 off using code TWIST at
14:02 FounderU – Qualities of Winning a Founder
21:57 Indochino – Get $50 off purchase for $399 or more at
23:25 Betting on the right people
32:16 Bubble – Get your first month free
33:49 Ask Jason: What qualities should founders look for in an accelerator?
36:47 How can a non-technical founder find a co-founder?
39:29 What signals are most important for startup success?
45:18 Jason’s number one piece of advice for new angel investors
47:36 Apply at for funding

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