Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire on USDC, Tether & more + Jason reacts to Apple’s new M1 chips & MacBooks | E1307



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00:00 Intro Jeremy Allaire from Circle and the Apple Event
01:26 News – Apple event breakdown
08:48 Fiverr – Sign up for Fiverr Business free for the first year and save 10% on your purchase with promo code JASON
10:17 Apple’s hilarious give and take
20:08 Embroker – Get an extra 10% insurance for your business at
21:34 Jason’s strategy for technology purchasing
27:18 Drata – Get 15% off SOC 2 and other audit at
28:35 Interview – Jeremy Allaire from Circle
40:23 Will accredited investor laws change?
49:13 Stablecoin overview
53:13 What it’s like working with banking regulators
58:54 Why stablecoins have grown
1:01:00 The risks created by the crypto boom
1:07:07 How stablecoins make money
1:10:29 Circle’s “conservative” approach
1:17:21 Potential contagion risks
1:31:18 Why can’t Circle show it’s reserves?

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