Citizen App’s bounty blunder, “digital bodyguard” service + Coinbase launches “Fact Check” | E1223

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01:39 Citizen, a safety app with millions of users put a bounty to find the wrong person
06:50 How Citizen makes money, a premium digital bodyguard service
09:50 Ourcrowd – Join Ourcrowd’s early-stage investing platform at
11:22 Is this Robocop?
17:15 Uber for off duty cops – flashback to SmartThings founder Andrew Hawkinson
23:32 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your job for free at
25:01 Recap of what led to a $30K bounty
29:19 Jason’s take & highlights from Twitter
36:02 Tiny – Sell your wonderful internet business
37:32 Coinbase Fact Check blog
40:49 a16z’s media strategy is proliferating into their portfolio companies

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