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How much money are you spending on the cloud? At first glance, you might not ordinarily lump Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Box, analytics trackers and more into one bucket on your balance sheet. Enter Cloudability, which not only tracks a whole range of cloud-based services in a simple digest, but shows you where you’re wasting money for your business. Where for instance, are you spending that’s not really leading to sales? Mat Ellis started Cloudability as a freelance project between gigs, as a weekly email: here’s what you on spent on the cloud, and how it was allocated. Now you can use the dashboard to dig deep into daily fluctuations. Mat says customers report spending 20% less in the first month, once they get a true idea of where they’re money is really going. And then they spend smarter. Jason talked to Mat at TechStars Foundercon and called him “the Ricky Gervais of startups.”

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