Coda CEO Shishir Mehrotra on the productivity renaissance, enabling the maker generation, insights from early years of YouTube & more | E1160

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Show notes:
1:02 Jason intros Coda’s Shishir Mehrotra & they discuss his early years at YouTube shortly after the Google acquisition
6:37 Improving Section 230 in a reasonable way
11:08 Gusto – Get three months free when you run your first payroll at
12:35 Thoughts on “Bring Your Own Algorithm”, nutritious vs. delicious content, strategy credits
20:26 Coda’s origin
22:41 LinkedIn Marketing – Get $100 off your first advertising campaign at
24:18 Experience on Spotify’s board, bundling audio, Spotify’s podcast takeover, farm league / pro league
30:35 YouTube’s special relationship with creators & responsibility towards them
39:14 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at
40:36 Shishir joining during the second phase of YouTube, toll of music licensing on YouTube & Peloton
44:14 Coda’s mission & best use cases, understanding Dory & Pulse
53:26 Renaissance of productivity, hackathons, shipping products quickly, connecting different productivity platforms for the maker generation
1:04:43 How Dory & Pulse can turn meetings inside out, Larry Page retaking CEO role in 2011, capitalizing on serendipity, offices as companies personal WeWorks

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