Coinbase CEO reflects on “mission” manifesto + Kettle’s Nat Manning on fire insurance | E1295



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00:00 Intro-Coinbase CEO reflects + Nat Manning on fire insurance
01:47 Reflecting on Coinbase as a “mission-focused company”
04:51 Jason on talking social issues in the workplace
11:11 Embroker- For guaranteed 10% off on premiums go to
12:38 Why Amstrong got bad press on but a positive reaction from Coinbase
20:21 Companies with dynamic founders
25:50 LinkedIn – Post your first job for free at
27:21 Nat Manning on extreme weather impacting home insurance
29:01 Nat responds to how many people live in fire zones
35:15 Jason asks what would it take to decrease California fires
38:14 Zendesk – Get six months free at
39:42 Nat explains why raising Yosemite prices won’t be the solution to fires
47:15 Jason asks Nat if fires could get dramatically worse
56:21 Closing vents, wrapping trees, and more solutions to prevent spreading
01:08:10 End

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