Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ Bob Mumgaard on trying to solve climate change via nuclear fusion technology | E1171

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Show notes:
1:15 Jason talks about COVID’s impact on climate change & intros Commonwealth Fusion Systems CEO Bob Mumgaard, who speaks about why nuclear fusion could be the answer to our energy problem & harnessing the power of stars
4:26 What exactly is nuclear fusion? How does the process work?
10:16 What happens if it goes wrong?
12:06 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at
13:38 What will CFS’ reactor look like? History of tokamaks?
18:07 Becoming breakeven & net-energy positive, what success looks like for CFS Energy
23:38 Embroker – Get 10% off by using code TWIST at
25:11 CFS Energy’s business model, getting the energy system to scale to solve climate change
30:40 How much would need to be invested to solve fusion? Government grants for fusion programs
35:10 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at
36:30 Where do the greatest fusion scientists & entrepreneurs come from? How entrepreneurship gives the US massive advantage over other countries & who would their customers be?
43:39 What will a reactor cost?
47:18 Three-horse race in renewable energy, eliminating wasteful cargo ships, will humanity beat climate change? Also: CFS’ product roadmap
54:57 What could be done to advance their mission? Dealing with investors as a multi-decade project, solving water & food issues

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