Culture | Scaling Your Startup S2 E7: 15five’s David Hassell & Balloon’s Amanda Greenberg | E1221



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Show notes:
00:00 Intro
01:49 David Hassel How to Build Culture at Scale
06:54 Five-step process to improve culture
10:14 Netsuite – Upgrade to NetSuite with a special financing program
11:44 How to communicate cultural values
15:37 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs & culture
19:32 Radical Candor, creating honest communication
24:20 OurCrowd – Invest in early-stage companies
26:00 Amanda Greenberg Navigating Hybrid Work
29:54 Asking questions is a powerful tool for a leader
34:53 Reentering the workplace
38:36 Linkedin Jobs – Post your first job for free
42:00 Q&A Session with Jason – Should political speech be allowed at work?
52:57 What does a return to work mean for productivity gains?
58:10 How to deal with remote compensation? (especially when premiums were paid for living in a certain city)
1:02:13 Do negotiations favor certain people?

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