Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou on powering NFTs, NBA Top Shot, & CryptoKitties | E1197



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Show notes:

00:00​ Start
03:36​ Intro to Crypto Kitties, Dapper Labs & NBA Top Shot
05:23​ Origin of NFT term, creating their own IP, & ICO craze
10:54​ Vanta – Get $1k off your SOC 2 at https://Vanta.com/twist​
12:26​ Getting the NBA to buy into the Top shot partnership
17:54​ How revenue is shared in Top Shot ecosystem
23:46​ UserTesting – Real human insights. Try for free at https://usertesting.com/twist
25:32​ NFT valuations, business models, & commercialization opportunities
35:36​ OurCrowd- If you’re interested in investing, join for free at https://ourcrowd.com/twist​
37:14​ Dapper Labs funding rounds
43:25​ Shifting platform power dynamics with true open source composability
49:37​ Will there be a crypto social network?
52:08​ Lightning round of questions

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