E702: Stellar startups at CES ‘17 PART 2: wearable interactive lightshow, Raspberry Pi bests, smart garbage that shops, hack-free home security, paper airplane drones, connected baby, tech hubs & more



about this episode

In this Part 2 episode, Jason and Dave Mathews continue looking at the latest technology showcased at CES 2017, featuring interviews with:

– Betsy McHugh, Founder and CEO of Hurdl
– Alexander Kaay, CEO of s7.io
– Rob Griffin, Co-Founder of GeniCan
– Shai Goitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys
– SmartGurlz
– Kenny Dodge, Community Manager of xCraft Enterprises
– Ethan Woods, Founder of Grillbot LLC
– Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO
– Dulcie Madden, Co-Founder & CEO of Mimo
– Nick Smoot, Entrepreneur of Innovation Collective

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