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TWiST Episode #145 with Dave Mathews of NeuAer
Meet the man taking “tag, you’re it” to a whole new level. Dave Mathews of NeuAer (winner of best tech at the LAUNCH Conference) stops by the studio to tell Jason about the newest capabilities of ToothTag, the ingenious app that uses BlueTooth, Wifi and NFC technologies to allow the user to trigger an alert, drop a pin on a virtual map, or check-in on social sites when a tagged object moves closer or further away. Blown away? Confused? Nervous. Just watch as Dave explains all.

For further reading on today’s show, view the public show notes at http://bit.ly/TWiSTEpisode145.

1:30-3:45 Thank you and welcome to the newest members of the TWiST Producer Program.
3:45-5:00 Ad for Trada.
5:00-6:15 Welcome to Dave.
6:15-9:00 Tell us about the worst product in history, the CueCat, which you invented.
9:00-10:15 So you made this barcode scanner and it seems like a really great idea. Tell me more.
10:15-13:00 Dave tells the story of meeting with Coke about the CueCat.
13:00-15:00 After all your money was gone and you’re faced with all these CueCats left, were you thinking, “I’m a total fraud”?
15:00-15:45 Dave explains how they prevented their tech from being stolen from people like Microsoft.
15:45-16:15 So what is the lesson here?
16:15-17:30 What was your next invention?
17:30-20:00 What did you add to this product?
20:00-21:00 Dave’s prediction for the future.
21:00-24:00 Ad for MailChimp.
24:00-25:30 Dave talks about what happened after the failure of CueCat.
25:30-27:00 Dave explains the creation of ToothTag from NeuAer. (Watch the clip.)
27:00-28:00 Dave further discusses the difference types of technologies that ToothTag uses.
28:00-30:30 Dave shares the reasons behind the open framework of ToothTag.
30:30-33:30 A demo of using ToothTag and its many applications.
33:30-35:15 If you connect to someone’s BlueTooth, when you walk away from them, you can find them again later?
35:15-39:15 Question from Executive Producer Geoff Clapp: What was the impact of the LAUNCH Conference and what has happened since then?
39:15-40:00 So when you walk into your office, you can tag that wifi to do whatever you want?
40:00-42:00 Tyler tells the story of his chance meeting with Dave at SXSW.
42:00-43:45 Dave explains that the next step is applying the technology to routers and video-on-demand adaptors.
43:45-44:30 Is this similar to what Color.com is doing with their proximity network? (Watch the clip.)
44:30-45:15 Why did Cisco kill Flip?
45:15-47:00 Dave talks about his desire to see checkin automation.
47:00-49:20 Ask Jason from Daniel de la Cruz: I’m not good at developing so where do I start looking for good devs in the price comparison sector? (Watch the clip.)
49:20-50:30 Dave offers his advice for Daniel.
50:30-51:15 Jason recommends writing a blog about price comparison and drawing in talented people through that.
51:15-53:00 Tyler: If you have funding and can present a compelling idea, I might know someone who wants to work on it.
53:00-54:45 Question from Daniel: Are you doing anything in Europe for TWiST?
54:45-56:45 Google wallet just came out. What’s the story there, Dave?
56:45-57:00 When is this technology coming to iPhone?
57:00-58:30 Did Steve Jobs scuttle the BlueRay compatibility because he doesn’t sell BlueRays?
58:30-59:30 Why hasn’t Apple bought NetFlix?
59:30-1:00:00 If I could use this on my Android phone twice a day at Starbucks, that’s appealing to me.
1:00:00-1:00:30 Why hasn’t Apple made the deal with Starbucks to let your order online?
1:00:30-1:01:30 Are patents BS?
1:01:30-1:02:00 What do you think of business patents, like Groupon?
1:02:00-1:04:30 If you’re an inventor, when should you get a patent?
1:04:30-1:05:00 How much does it cost to file an initial patent?
1:05:00-1:07:30 Jason attempts to write a patent on-air.
1:07:30-1:08:00 Would you want there to be a clause in patents that said you had seven years to execute on them?
1:08:00-1:09:00 What happens if someone infringes on your patent?
1:09:00-1:10:00 Jason presents Dave with his award from the LAUNCH Conference for Best Technology for NeuAer.
1:10:00-1:11:00 Users, go to ToothTag.net for more information. Developers, go to ProximityPlatform.com.
1:11:00-1:14:30 Questions from the chat: Is it dangerous to put an idea out on Kickstarter from a patent perspective? What’s going to happen with Square?
1:14:30-1:15:00 Thank you to Trada and MailChimp.
1:15:00-1:17:00 Discussion of Nazi-era propaganda films.
1:17:00-1:18:00 Jason and guests name possible sponsors for the show.
1:19:45-1:20:00 Jason’s sincere thank you to Dave.
1:21:00-1:22:00 Jason’s message to Steve Jobs: Make the iPad in America.

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