E682: Unity co-founder David Helgason on creating world’s leading 2D & 3D game-making platform, gaming industry trends & challenges, & the future of VR & AR



about this episode

David Helgason is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Unity, a platform creating 2D and 3D games. In 2003, he had the crazy idea of revolutionizing the gaming industry and his pioneering days started in a garage during a time when VR and AR were still only speculative. In the last 10 years on this adventure, the future caught up with David, and things like AR, Pokemon Go, and other video games needed to create a 3D world. Unity is like a stage where you put digital assets all together, make it interactive, compile it with one button, and then deploy it to all platforms. Unity has received funding from the likes of Sequoia Capital, WestSummit Capital, and iGlobe Partners. David shares his challenges as well as his predictions for VR/AR and the future of mobile games.

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