Dfinity’s ICP crypto complaint, Snap/Twitter earnings, China’s e-learning crackdown & more | E1252



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02:46 a16z-backed crypto organization Dfinity is facing a class action complaint for their ICP token
11:41 Calm for Business – Get one month free at https://Calm.com/twist
13:13 Dfinity’s funding sources & Jason’s take
19:33 Snapchat’s Q2 earnings blew away estimates
25:49 Embroker – Get an extra 10% off using code TWIST at https://embroker.com/twist
27:24 Twitter’s strong earnings
34:15 The CCP is considering turning it’s ed-tech sector non-profit
38:49 SnackMagic – Get 10% off gifting a snack box using code TWIST at https://snackmagic.com/twist
40:23 Alphabet’s new industrial automation company
47:22 Real estate update – San Francisco has 17M sq. ft. of vacant office space
58:28 Jason’s old Disney+ predictions


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