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Waze is paving the way for drivers across the US, and VP Di-Ann Eisnor sat down with Jason to discuss a crowd-sourced future, combating safety concerns and when we can expect for Waze to come factory-installed in our cars.

0:00-1:30 Welcome everyone, I’m here in Palo Alto at Waze HQ with Di-Ann Eisnor, VP of platforms and partnerships.
1:30-2:45 One of the companies I’ve been using a lot is Waze. For the audience, what is Waze?
2:45-3:45 As I travel, my phone sends info to Waze and you’re gathering data on traffic, right?
3:45-5:00 How is the traffic data from Google maps collected? It doesn’t seem to be all that accurate.
5:00-6:15 I first started using the app about five years ago and no one was on it. Now I’ve noticed that use is going up every month. How quickly has Waze grown in LA?
6:15-7:30 Di-Ann explains how LA’s “carmageddon” was a boon for Waze.
7:30-12:15 Thank you to Walker Corporate Law for sponsoring the show. Everyone remember to thank @scottedwalker for his support!
12:15-13:00 So, when I’m looking at the app and I see lots of cars in LA during rush hour, are you having to mute some number of people and only showing a representation?
13:00-15:00 Show me on your phone the different things you can do in terms of reporting. Does anyone use Waze on an iPad?
15:00-16:15 And when you pass something, you can indicate whether or not the report was correct?
16:15-18:00 How are you addressing the issue of distracted driving?
18:00-20:00 Di-Ann explains the other safety precautions Waze is taking.
20:00-22:45 As a marketer, do you have a contingency plan in place in the event that something awful happens when someone is using Waze?
22:45-23:30 What’s the history of the company? You’re an Israeli company, yes?
23:30-25:30 What are the chances, you think, that Wazers will be able to project reports onto their dashboards, Minority Report-style?
25:30-26:45 What about a time when Waze will be in my car when I buy it?
26:45-28:15 Di-Ann demonstrates Waze’s new speech recognition capabilities.
28:15-32:30 Thank you to GoToMeeting for sponsoring the show. Use the promo code ‘START’ to get a 30-day free trial.
32:30-34:00 What’s the Waze revenue model? Are there any premium features?
34:00-37:15 So some GPS companies may build your data into their hardware?
37:15-40:30 Jason: I would rather see ads on Wikipedia than to see Jimmy Wales’ mug at the top of every page.
40:30-41:45 If a fatality happened and they leaked it to the press, I wouldn’t be surprised because that would be a lawsuit and press.
41:45-44:00 You’re a serial entrepreneur, right? What was your last company Palatial all about?
44:00-45:15 We’ve always had a lot of applications for the conferences from Israeli entrepreneurs.
45:15-46:30 Tyler, what’s wrong, no insights today?
46:30-49:30 Jason: I think the Amazon retail shops are going to be filled with genius bars, like Apple stores, and you can talk to an expert about whatever you need.
49:30-50:30 Thank you to our sponsors GoToMeeting and Walker Corporate Law. And thank you, Di-Ann, for joining us here today.
51:30-53:00 Di-Ann, how did we meet again?
53:00-53:30 Everyone go download Waze. It is the most used app on my phone. Di-Ann, continued success. Thank you for talking to us today.

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