E1086: Supporting founder mental health at Freestyle Capital with Josh Felser, Caren Maio & Mani Kulasooriya

about this episode

Josh’s Medium post on founder mental health: https://medium.com/@joshmedia/for-the-love-of-founders-d50b405f42a3

Hoffman Institute: https://www.hoffmaninstitute.org/

Meru Health: https://www.meruhealth.com/

Check out Freestyle Capital: https://freestyle.vc/

Check out Funnel Leasing: https://funnelleasing.com/

Check out Codify: https://codify.ai/

Follow Jason: https://linktr.ee/calacanis

Show Notes:

1:04 Jason on founder mental health
6:04 Jason intros Josh Felser of Freestyle Capital & Josh goes into his struggles as a founder
10:53 Why founders experience increased anxiety & stress, the stress cycle
16:11 Jason’s current struggles & Josh on how psychotherapy helped him
20:03 Josh on how stress made him act out & how he got over it
26:13 Why entrepreneurs share common mental traits
35:24 What has Freestyle done to help their portfolio founders?
42:09 Caren Maio on her intense experience at the Hoffman Institute
51:51 Mani Kulasooriya on his experience with Mero Health & changing his views on mental health
59:29 Caren on unbundling her fear-based tendencies, how Hoffman teaches Jedi-like tactics
1:07:27 Mani & Caren on changing their management style to improve overall health
1:16:21 Josh on using authenticity to reduce anxiety
1:20:11 What has kept everyone going through the uncertainty of the pandemic

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