E1091: LAUNCH Accelerator Cohort 17 founders reflect on their journeys throughout the program: Nude Barre (DTC hosiery made for women of all shades), Techmate (On-demand tech support for remote & satellite employees) & Solo (Trucking-as-a-Service)

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Checkout Nude Barre: https://nudebarre.com

Checkout Techmate: https://www.techmate.com

Checkout Solo: https://solotrucking.com

Follow Jason: https://linktr.ee/calacanis

0:57 Jason reflects on taking the LAUNCH Accelerator 100% due to COVID & the voting system he created
6:01 Jason intros Nude Barre CEO Erin Carpenter
8:09 Erin tells Nude Barre’s founding story, growing via celebrity product testimonials
12:20 Hardest things about running a DTC company, how she got into LAUNCH
17:09 Squarespace – Save 10% on a website or domain by using code TWIST at checkout https://www.squarespace.com
19:02 Jason intros Techmate COO Nicole Beals, Nicole reflects on the Accelerator starting the right as quarantine began, benefits of going fully remote
22:44 What service Techmate provide & how did COVID affect their business?
29:44 How did Nicole find out about LAUNCH?
33:32 Trends, by The Hustle – start your two-week trial for $1 at https://trends.co/twist
35:18 Jason intros Solo CTO Armando Perez & Armando explains their business & how they help truck drivers become independent
39:54 Armando on why Solo came in 1st place
44:28 Modloft – 15% off and free shipping at https://www.modloft.com/twist
46:09 Erin on refining her fundraising process via monthly updates & her biggest areas of growth during the accelerator, bringing on Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake as an investor
52:30 Nicole on optimizing her fundraising process & yearly growth planning process
58:21 Armando on benefits of being cash-flow positive during the accelerator
1:02:03 Erin on fundraising as a black woman during the Black Lives Matter movement, bootstrapping
1:09:15 Nicole on getting the most out of the LAUNCH Accelerator
1:14:20 Armando’s biggest takeaways from the LAUNCH Accelerator 

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