E1092 The Next Unicorns E12: Homebound CEO & Co-Founder Nikki Pechet is solving the home building process by increasing customer experience, helping victims of natural disasters rebuild efficiently

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0:45 Jason intros Homebound CEO Nikki Pechet, Nikki talks about her time at Thumbtack & Bain & Company
8:03 When & why did she start Homebound? What are they solving in the home building process?
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14:41 Controlling the entire homebuilding process to ensure great customer experience
19:40 How does Homebound make money? Typical contractor unit economics – are incentives misaligned?
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27:54 Why not buy plots of land & start building homes instead of waiting for customers to come to them? What has Nikki learned so far about home building & how will that evolve Homebound?
32:25 Why is construction so difficult at its core & how does Homebound capitalize on that?
39:40 What was COVID’s immediate impact on Homebound’s business, and what will the long-term impact be?
45:10 Will Homebound get into the home extension space, what are the challenges in this space? Shorted of skilled labor in construction
53:19 What is happening to US homeownership on macro level

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