E1099: Basecamp Co-Founder Jason Fried on building Hey, making email exciting again, Hey vs. Apple & more

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Show notes:
0:45 Jason intros Basecamp Co-Founder Jason Fried, vaccines chat & the US response to COVID
4:34 Why Basecamp built Hey, building their own email client (instead of building on top of Gmail)
9:22 Getting the Hey.com domain name
12:40 Gusto – Get three months free when you run your first payroll at https://www.gusto.com/twist
14:25 Taking on Apple, is the App Store monopolistic?
20:53 Was the Apple feud manufactured as a marketing tactic? Antitrust pressure on Apple & negative customer support aspects of the App Store
27:53 Modloft – 15% off and free shipping at https://www.modloft.com/twist
29:34 How many have people signed up for Hey over the first 30 days?
34:39 Jason goes deep on his favorite Hey feature: The Screener
39:00 Apple’s antitrust solution
42:07 Competition in the email space, spy pixels, comparing Hey, Superhuman & Gmail
53:30 Would Hey pay Apple’s vig to be on the top paid charts? Working with DHH
59:32 Jason Fried considered retirement if the Apple decision went the other way, fighting anti-competition in the startup world
1:10:42 Jason Fried shares his expertise on running an at scale remote company
1:17:59 What is Basecamp’s end game?

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