E1103: Domm Holland on launching Fast to the public, creating a one-click checkout for the entire Internet, taking on Apple Pay & more

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Show notes:
1:06 Jason intros Domm Holland
3:53 Domm on his experience throughout quarantine
5:33 What is Fast? Who do they charge and how do they make money?
8:21 Why do millennials use debit cards more than their predecessors?
10:04 Klaviyo – Get started with a free trial at https://www.klaviyo.com/twist
11:28 Moving to San Francisco from Australia, e-commerce boom during quarantine, talent pool in the Bay Area
17:09 Working as a third-party, Fast’s founding story & Amazon’s one-click patent
20:54 LinkedIn Jobs – Get a $50 credit toward your first job post at https://www.linkedin.com/twist
22:42 Fast’s partnerships with Big Commerce & other launch partners
24:55 Taking on Apple Pay, how Fast creates a purchasing hub for consumers, relationship with Amazon
32:30 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at https://www.ourcrowd.com/twist
34:20 Cultivating Fastronauts, raising money in a competitive space pre-launch, adjacent competitors
38:49 Thoughts on the Apple Card, major retailers financing their own products for consumers, why companies are petrified of Amazon
43:15 Is retail dead?
47:21 Thoughts on Facebook/Instagram Shops & Google Shopping, how e-commerce logistics still isn’t solved?
56:49 How lockdowns impacted Fast’s hiring strategy, business strategies for year two of the pandemic

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