E1108: SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie on leading a public company through COVID, championing diversity from the top down, role of a modern CEO & more

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Show notes:
0:00 Start
0:48 Jason intros SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie
2:52 Releasing that COVID was a different kind of beast, adjusting to remote work
7:40 Benefits of remote work
10:55 LinkedIn Jobs – Get a $50 credit toward your first job post at https://www.linkedin.com/twist
12:41 Getting back to work in 2021, HR’s increased importance while fully remote
17:41 Thoughts on retroactively scaling pay by location, hiring pace fluctuations
22:16 Gusto – Get three months free when you run your first payroll at https://www.gusto.com/twist
23:40 Figuring out the in-person/remote two class problem, why Zoom is the video conference category killer
28:06 Pipeline problem myth, championing diversity from the top down
34:36 For over 35 years Silicon Valley Bank has helped thousands of tech and life science companies plan for the future. Learn more at https://SVB.com/next
35:41 Changing role of the modern CEO, what are the key skills in 2020?
39:45 Sophistication of the modern SaaS customer, what is SurveyMonkey’s current business?
46:10 Zander’s insights from high-level SurveyMonkey results on where we are as Americans in 2020
52:07 Thoughts on the California exodus, reasons for optimism going forward

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