E1122: Running Tide CEO Marty Odlin is helping solve the Climate crisis by using kelp to sequester carbon in the ocean, shares insights on generational shifts in climate response & more

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Show notes:
0:50 Jason intros Running Tide’s Marty Odlin, understanding how Oysters, Clams & Kelp impact Carbon
8:00 How close are we to a cataclysmic event in the oceans?
10:10 LinkedIn Marketing – Get $100 off your first advertising campaign at https://linkedin.com/thisweekinstartups
12:11 How ocean temperature change is impacting coastal society
15:06 What does Running Tide do? Difficulty of hatching & planting kelp in the ocean
19:56 Consumer behavior shifting in response to climate change
21:57 Silicon Valley Bank – For over 35 years SVB has helped thousands of tech and life science companies plan for the future. Learn more at https://SVB.com/next
23:07 How long do the kelps get? How many stalks would the average American need to put out to sea to become carbon neutral?
29:29 How much will it cost to deploy kelp stalks at scale? Controlling gases in the atmosphere, passing the great filter
32:58 MainStreet – Startups: you’re owed over $50,000 by the IRS, get it back at https://mainstreet.us/twist
34:40 What is Running Tide’s roadmap? How will at-scale carbon removal be funded?
39:35 Generational shift in Climate response, investors shifting their focus to climate change
46:04 Staying hopeful as more climate solutions pop up, lessons from the pandemic pause
49:31 Thoughts on Nuclear Energy
54:37 What will happen if we start trending towards carbon neutrality, politics of climate change, reasons for optimism
1:04:45 Hiring at Running Tide

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