E1123: Emergency Pod! Jason reacts to the iPhone 12 fail & Apple jumping the shark; theories on the lack of innovation: is something big in the works or has Apple lost its magic?

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Show notes:
0:00 Jason intros today’s emergency podcast: Apple’s iPhone 12 fail!
0:42 Has Apple jumped the shark?
1:28 Reacting to the iPhone 12’s “new” features
2:51 Jason on Apple removing the charger from the box
6:05 Reacting to the iPhone 12 Mini
7:07 LiDAR inclusion is interesting for future AR developments, Jason’s favorite feature: MagSafe
9:48 DigitalOcean’s App Platform – Get started for free at https://do.co/twist
10:55 Apple’s lack of innovation is a big issue
13:13 Theories of why Apple’s product innovation has stalled
17:03 Does Tim Cook need to go? Is Apple losing ground to ChromeOS & Windows?

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