E1127: Data privacy deep dive with Transcend CEO Ben Brook; tracking pixels, GDPR, privacy as a selling point & more | Rising Stars of SaaS 2

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Show notes:
0:00 Start
1:13 Jason intros Transcend CEO Ben Brook on Rising Stars of SaaS
2:39 What is Transcend & why are user data rights critically important right now?
6:57 Catching up with GDPR, comparing it with CCPA
10:48 Pipe – Start trading on Pipe free for 12 months at https://pipe.com/twist
12:28 GDPR starting to fine companies that break the rules, privacy police & more
17:49 Under GDPR, companies are now responsible for their data being hacked, largest GDPR fines to date
22:50 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at https://odoo.com/twist
24:27 Best practices for companies around storing customer/user data?
29:21 Stealthy ways that companies identify you; can modern consumers protect themselves from tracking technologies?
36:14 Outgrow – Get a 30-day free trial and a $250 credit at https://outgrow.co/twist
37:15 Apple taking consumer privacy seriously & setting a strong standard for hardware companies, using consumer privacy as a selling point
40:54 Ben’s college data-retrieval project; Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant data tracking
46:03 When should startups engage with Transcend, legal shakedowns in the privacy space
55:16 Growing consumer appetite for companies that take data privacy seriously
1:00:16 Privacy issues with Chinese apps, issues with end-to-end encryption

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