E1128: Emergency Pod! A Quibi postmortem – Diving into the numbers, what went wrong, lessons learned & more!

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Tweets by David Sacks, Zach Coelius & John Henry:

Jeffrey Katzenberg & Meg Whitman on CNBC from 10/22:

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Show notes:
0:00 Jason sets the stage – What is Quibi? What was their product & how did it fail?
6:17 Diving into the numbers, how could the money have been deployed more intelligently?
9:44 Jason reacts to David Sacks & Zach Coelius steps about Product-Market Fit & overcapitalization
11:46 LinkedIn Jobs – Get a $50 credit toward your first job post at https://www.linkedin.com/twist
13:29 Jason’s live reaction to Jeffrey Katzenberg & Meg Whitman on CNBC talking about why they decided to shut down Quibi
23:53 What Jason would have done differently if he was in charge of Quibi, how to tell that Quibi’s failure was not a venture capital creation
29:13 Differentiating Quibi from Silicon Valley investments

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