E1129: Ring Founder Jamie Siminoff on launching the Always Home Cam – an autonomous indoor drone, taking his company from bad reviews to a billion-dollar acquisition by Amazon & more

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Show notes:
1:18 Jason intros Jamie Siminoff & they discuss his prior inventions & projects
5:28 Jamie pitching Jason on the product that led to Ring: the “POP Charger” & Jason’s less than enthusiastic response
8:43 Origin story of Doorbot – Ring’s widely panned predecessor
11:13 Klaviyo – Get started with a free trial at https://www.klaviyo.com/twist
12:24 Jamie’s despair of being in the Doorbot death spiral, overcoming a bad product, how Shark Tank helped
16:54 How building difficult products that people want to exist can lead to exponential gains despite early poor reviews & how great early reviews could be a negative signal
21:02 First crime that Ring helped solve
23:29 Silicon Valley Bank – For over 35 years SVB has helped thousands of tech and life science companies plan for the future. Learn more at https://SVB.com/next
24:35 Jamie describes Ring’s new indoor autonomous drone: the Always Home Cam
29:07 Does LiDAR play into the Always Home Cam, what new features could we expect?
34:16 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at https://odoo.com/twist
35:53 Would Ring have gone public via SPAC had they not been acquired by Amazon? Jamie tells the Amazon acquisition story, how Mark Suster helped save the company
41:02 Why Amazon is one of the best companies to be acquired by, getting brought back by Shark Tank as a guest Shark
46:42 Jamie on what makes great products
51:43 Ring privacy, anonymous video request feature, facial recognition & more
1:00:28 Interesting hardware tech coming down the pipeline, if AR glasses will work, Jamie as an Angel investor, pandemic as an accelerant

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