E1132: News! Jack Dorsey vs. Ted Cruz, Google’s antitrust lawsuit, Expensify email, Amazon deep dive & much more with Acquired’s Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal

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Show notes:
0:53 Jason intros Acquired hosts Ben & David, election doomscrolling, Twitter turns off retweets, hearings regarding Section 230
5:22 Jason describes regulatory issues from the Weblogs, Inc. days: linkbacks, SEO & more
8:31 Thoughts on Section 230 – should Facebook & Twitter be held liable for the content on their platforms?
11:40 Jack Dorsey’s proposed alternative: third-party algorithms
12:50 Silicon Valley Bank – For over 35 years SVB has helped thousands of tech and life science companies plan for the future. Learn more at https://SVB.com/next
13:59 Thoughts on the “bring your own algorithm” proposal by Jack Dorsey?
17:39 Reaction to Ted Cruz vs. Jack Dorsey from Wednesday’s hearings – who was correct? who had the better beard?
27:48 MainStreet – Startups: you’re owed over $50,000 by the IRS, get it back at https://mainstreet.us/twist
29:33 Expensify CEO creates the anti-Coinbase letter by using the companies database to email 10 million customers urging them to vote for Biden – totally insane or savvy move? How should the shareholders feel?
39:02 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at https://www.ourcrowd.com/twist
40:46 Dick Costolo’s responds to infamous & now-deleted tweet on Acquired’s recent Twitter episode – was taking the tweet down the right move?
45:57 Thoughts on the proper way to do civil discourse at work
54:23 Jason in hot water with Bernie Bros due to recent pro-gig economy tweet, thoughts on Prop 22 & more
1:07:07 DOJ antitrust lawsuit against Google, Apple ramps up development of their own search engine as Google partnership in hot water
1:10:40 Acquired’s Top 10 Acquisitions of all time
1:15:34 Deep dive on the Google/Apple partnership, how the Android acquisition saved Google billions of dollar per year
1:19:19 Deep dive on Amazon’s insane revenue growth, Qualtrics CEO buying the Utah Jazz
1:29:21 Ranking Amazon, Apple & Google by most anticompetitiveness
1:40:29 David & Ben plug two of their recent investments – https://www.trymystery.com & https://www.boundless.com

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