E1133: Podcast & blogging pioneer Dave Winer on inventing new forms of media, tribalism on social media, tales from Silicon Valley’s Golden Age & more

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Show notes:
0:00 Start
1:03 Jason intros new media inventor & podcast/blogging pioneer Dave Winer, how RSS media attachments started
6:32 Creation of blogging & email newsletters, the paradox of the San Francisco Newspaper Strike
11:57 Klaviyo – Get started with a free trial at https://www.klaviyo.com/twist
13:24 Creating AutoWeb & eliminating the need for an editor for content creators & how that impact is still felt today
21:04 Should political parties have their own social networks?
24:26 SendPro Online from Pitney Bowes – Try it free for 30 days and get a free 10-pound scale at https://pb.com/twist
25:59 Journalism’s culpability in misunderstanding technology, the 2016 election & more
28:37 Algorithms role in social media tribalism
37:02 Fiverr – use code TWIST for 10% off your first order at https://www.fiverr.com
38:33 Capitalism, universal healthcare, rewarding ingenuity
41:08 Dave on his experience trying to raise money for an RSS company, the problem with being too early
47:29 Changing stereotype of developers in Silicon Valley, poor unification of the podcasting industry
53:10 Issues with higher education teaching conformity, cracking the code of Silicon Valley
56:44 Tales of old Silicon Valley – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & more
1:06:44 Election thoughts, cognitive overload & more

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