E1136: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce on evolving accreditation laws, SPACs, importance of capital markets in wealth creation, spotting fraud & more

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Show notes:
0:51 Jason intros SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce & describes the functions of the SEC
5:27 How the SEC helps make American capital markets attractive on a global scale
7:19 Why do people choose to work at the SEC?
10:32 LinkedIn Jobs – Get a $50 credit toward your first job post at https://www.linkedin.com/twist
12:09 Hester’s activity on Twitter, evolving US accreditation laws
16:54 How the SEC thinks about private market investing
22:04 Silicon Valley Bank – For over 35 years SVB has helped thousands of tech and life science companies plan for the future. Learn more at https://SVB.com/next
23:20 Why regulatory bodies are slow to change, how Dodd-Frank & Jobs Act impacted private investing
29:51 Increasing participation in capital markets, opening private investing to financial professionals
34:08 MainStreet – Startups: you’re owed over $50,000 by the IRS, get it back at https://mainstreet.us/twist
35:43 Jason pitches Angel University as an accredited investor test
43:54 Modern financial scams on Instagram & TikTok, how the SEC locates & deals with fraud, how to avoid it as an investor
55:50 Are SPACs good or bad for the health of the public markets? Lessons for founders to avoid regulatory issues, Jason’s one run-in with the SEC

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