E1139: Loop CEO Brian Gannon shares secrets to scaling a hardware startup & launching the Loop 2 + bonus Ask Jason!

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Show notes:
1:14 Jason intros Loop CEO Brian Gannon, Brian explains Loop’s product & why he built it
7:17 Secret to growing a premium hardware company
11:32 Klaviyo – Get started with a free trial at https://www.klaviyo.com/twist
13:04 Brian intros the Loop 2 & explains the new features
18:13 Lessons learned from the 1.0 version to the 2.0
22:39 Dell for Entrepreneurs – Access Dell’s Black Friday deals & sign up for a free IT consultation at https://www.launch.co/dell
24:05 Thinking about Amazon Basics & other competition as a hardware founder, where to buy the Loop 2
28:46 Ask Jason! Alex & Cormin ask: How can founders who are bad at fundraising attract investors?
32:53 Outgrow – Get a 30-day free trial and a $250 credit at https://outgrow.co/twist
34:28 Paul asks: Thoughts on selling shares in secondary markets?
38:50 Lance asks: Any advice on balancing education with entrepreneurship?
42:46 Marissa asks: What will the new accreditation laws do for early-stage investing from a startup’s perspective?

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