E1146: LAUNCH Accelerator Cohort 19 founders reflect on their journeys thru the program: Blush (custom illustration tool), Palabra (no-code email automation) & Rolebot (AI hiring platform)

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Check out Rolebot: https://www.rolebot.io

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Show notes:

0:55 Jason intros LA19’s 1st place vote-getter: Blush’s Pablo Stanley; what is Blush & how does it work?

10:28 MasterClass – Buy one annual subscription and get one free at https://www.masterclass.com/startups

12:04 Pablo’s top insights from the LAUNCH Accelerator

14:35 LA19’s 2nd place vote-getter: Palabra’s Karen Serfaty; what is Palabra & how do they differentiate from competitors?

18:53 Karen’s top insights from the LAUNCH Accelerator

22:58 Fiverr – use code TWIST for 10% off your first order at https://www.fiverr.com

24:25 LA19’s 3rd place vote-getter: Rolebot’s Shane Bernstein; what is Rolebot & how are they competing in a crowded space?

32:40 Shane’s top insights from the LAUNCH Accelerator

36:03 ChartHop – Get your first 5 employees free ($600 value!) at https://charthop.com/twist

37:33 Why Karen targeted product-focused, former founder investors & how Pablo closed follow-up meetings with investors

39:43 Pablo & Karen explain how their rounds came together

48:20 Shane on benefits & leverage created by profitability, what he is looking for in a lead investor

51:40 Advising founders on the LAUNCH Accelerator

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