E1152: Keith Rabois on leaving Silicon Valley for Miami, Roaring Twenties 2.0, IPO spree & more

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Show notes:
0:51 Jason intros fan favorite Keith Rabois, COVID endgame, is the recovery already priced in to public markets?
7:57 Chances of a “Roaring Twenties 2.0” post-pandemic? What won’t come back?
10:59 LinkedIn Marketing – Get $100 off your first advertising campaign at https://linkedin.com/thisweekinstartups
12:27 Co-located, hybrid hubs as the future of work, “centers of excellence” model
17:22 Keith leaving the Bay Area for Miami, abandoning the Silicon Valley network effect, tech giants being built outside of SV
23:01 MasterClass – Buy one annual subscription and get one free at https://www.masterclass.com/startups
24:35 Pandemic as a forcing function for reflection, fear of losing serendipity outside of SV
31:14 Is their a stronger average work ethic outside of the Bay Area?
35:17 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at https://www.ourcrowd.com/twist
37:01 Upside & downside of Zoom board meetings, investing issues over Zoom – importance of noticing processing speed, conversational volley
45:37 Q4 2020 IPO boom, working with Chamath on IPOB, ideal time for a growth-stage tech company to go public, SPAC risks
53:58 City competition for tech companies, importance of non-competes in building a tech hub
1:02:10 How the pandemic changed investor/founder relations & LP/GP relations, is California’s far-left government now getting pushback from citizens?
1:10:47 Salesforce acquiring Slack, positive market response to growth-stage tech companies, long road from Seed to IPO
1:20:10 How Keith finds meaning in new investments at his level, compartmentalizing losses, swinging for the fences, biggest frustrations in early-stage investing
1:29:49 What makes Jack Dorsey special? Disruptive people create disruptive personalities, Knicks talk

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