E23: “Angel” podcast: Matt Ocko, Managing Partner of Data Collective, invests in deep tech with an algorithmic edge, shares decision-making in difficult markets, building a world-class team, the state of Seed in 2019, being brave & taking risks to create a utopian future



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Show notes:

0:39 – Jason introduces season 3 of ANGEL and Matt Ocko from Data Collective.

2:58 – Matt shares how he got involved in investing, and what he looks for when investing.

12:48 – Jason thanks sponsor LinkedIn. Go to linkedin.com/angel and get a $50 credit toward your first job post.

14:12 – Evaluating companies, what seed round in Silicon Valley look like in 2019, and why top VC firms have left the seed space.

25:44 – Jason thanks sponsor Embroker. For guaranteed 10% off on premiums (& up to 20% depending on quote) go to embroker.com/angel.

27:35 – Matt shares Data Collective’s diligence strategy and how it’s helping them.

36:14 – Meeting Elizabeth Holmes and the lesson in the Theranos debacle, and deals that Matt’s passed on.

48:38 – Rhetoric around socialism and anti-capitalism in America.

55:25 – The two share thoughts on nuclear power, Fukushima and installing nuclear reactors.

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